Perspective: Should Canadians cut ties to the Monarch Once the Queen Dies

queen elizbethIt is my perspective that Canadians should dump the Monarchy. Canadians, mainly English Canada, Ontario et al, in my view have an endemic if not deliberating identity crisis.

Having lived in Canada and wrote in at least five newspaper publications there and edited one, I got a real good feel of the mood of the Canadians society. I also was a broadcaster on CFRC 101.9 fm, where I hosted a two hour show.

Quebec Separation

The Quebec Separation issue was most fascinating to me. Here is a beautiful house Quebec and basically English Canada, bitterly divided. Having lived in Quebec and Ontario, it gave me a real insight of what Quebecers wanted and what English Canada, Ontario was defending.

They (Quebecers) are a proud people with a distinct identity. Their French tongue is their prized possession. They have style and a lot of Panache to back up and enhance their distinct personality.


St. Lawrence waterway, a massive sea-like river on which navigation occurs gives them a window, if not a sea/highway to the world. Then there are the historic edifices, Quebec City. A metropolitan city with old world charm coupled with an historic outlook while embracing modernity.

The rest of Canada seem to have varying levels of what I refer to as an “identity crisis.”

Quebec Was Bullied

When Quebec dared to want to assert its right to self determination, the proud people of Quebec were ridiculed in the press and made to feel less than Canadians. Some even questioned their patriotism. It was a vicious low down campaign waged against Quebec. Had the Separation occurred it would have been a very nasty divorce … the likes of which would have been unprecedented. This was a crude form of bullying.

Dumping The Monarchy

You may ask what does the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada has to do with dumping the Monarchy. Well, you do not separate from someone you think highly of. The most recently done polls show some 70 percent of Quebecers want to leave the monarchy behind. The rest of Canada, mostly English Canada poll numbers range from 41 to 51 percent. So separating from the monarchy after the death of Queen Elizabeth 2. the longest serving British monarch appears to be on the cards.

She is 90 and is likely not to abdicate but die in office. She has high poll ratings across all of Canada. It is leaving the monarchy after the queen leaves is the real issue.

Identity Crisis

It is my further perspective that as long as Canada keeps the monarchy as head of state their apparent perinnel lack of a recognizable identity will continue. With the USA to the south which is believed has influenced negatively Canada’s cultural and by extension its true identity… coupled with having an external head of state in Britian is enough to lead to the perception if not fact of an identity crisis facing Canadians.

David Cameron … No Respect

Former PM David Cameron’s forefathers are believed to have benefited greatly from the slave trade. Therefore the failure of Cameron to apologize to Jamaicans and West Indians, for the atrocities of slavery is viewed as most disrespectful. My poem “Respect”, posted in Vision Newspaper, immortalizes our disgust for Mr. David Cameron. He has poured insult to injury. Slavery was an abomination, degrading and savagery personified. It degraded mainly people of colour .. Blacks.

Canadians must dump the queen/monarchy to begin to chart their own identity course.

As usual, the verdict is yours … let us get your feedback.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is senior international correspondent & photojournalist and a published poet, contributes to vision newspaper Canada.

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