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December 15, 2020
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December 16, 2020

Perspective: The Norman Horne Drama Is Going No where … Conspiracy & Or Deception

December 15, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

 Why Did Dr. Peter Phillips Conspire With Horne to Deceive

On the 14 September 2019 Dr. Peter David Philips met with Norman Washington Horne and told him about his intention to appoint him to the Senate.  Horne was interviewed by Emily Crooks-Shields on The RJR Communications Group.  Norman Horne spoke his mind: This was last Friday.

“Two days before the 14th September I was told by Dr. Peter Phillips to prepare myself for an appointment to the Senate. To prepare means I am qualified.”

Continuing Horne had this to say:

I made a decision on October 3, 2020, I decided not to renounce my US citizenship.  This takes some time.

It has since emerged that Dr. Peter Phillips had discussions with Norman Horne prior to naming him as the 8rh Senator for the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP).  It is being reported that Phillips as PNP president and Opposition Leader had words with Horne to the effect as was to the status of his US citizenship. Phillips reportedly advised Horne that it was his intention to appoint him to the Senate.  If this is so, why did the fraud allowed to unfold as it did that led to a Constitutional crisis?  Leaders must man you and always act responsibly.  We owe it to ourselves and by extension our country to be patriotic at all times. There is no ifs or buts about that fact.

History Repeats Itself 

We all know that Phillips as National Security Minister under Portia Simpson Miller did sign a secret MOU with a foreign government and did not disclose same to anyone in the Cabinet not even his PM.  He has since changed his tune and tried to give a different version of this  his “strange” behaviour. . Can one story have different versions? One must be a lie.  Did Dr. Peter David Philips commit treason?  Did he sell out our national interest to a foreign power?  If the answer to those questions are yes,  then we were dealing with a most decptive and dangerous character. In short “A wolf in sheep clothing” disguised as a statesman.

Manatt Enquiry

Dr Peter David Philips seem to forget that under oath at the Manatt Enquiry in 2010 he said inter alia “I did not disclose my signing that secret MOU as I did not trust anyone, as I feared it could be leaked.”

In 2020 he now said he had informed PM PJ Patterson of the contents of that Secret MOU. Did he purjer himself?  He was under oath and swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. He did swear on the bible befire he gave his testimony.

12 Weeks Of Recklessness

For twelve weeks Dr.Peter Phillips caused a Constitutional crisis to be entered upon the Jamaican state due to his poor judgement.  As a then constitutional officer Dr. Peter Phillips acted in a manner that left much to be desired.  In fact he acted unlawfully and in a callous and reckless manner. This means that it is not only Norman Washington Horne who should hang his head in shame, but Dr. Peter Phillips himself, his partner in crime.  To have abdicated his sworn obligation to uphold the Constitution and Instead engage in conduct not befitting of his high office as a constitutlional officer is inexcuible.  We must ask the question where is the usual vocal National Integrity Action (NIA).  Social. Media has been deafingly silent in this clear violation of the  law by Dr. Peter David Phillips working with Norman Horne.

Media Interview

The media wants to speak to Dr. Peter Phillips as to what he knew and when and why did he make the decisions he made regarding Horne’s Senate appointment. Will Phillips make himself available for an early interview. We are not holding our breath.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has international exposure

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