Perspective: With Brexit looming, Britons are either anxiously awaiting or dreading what 2019 will bring

With Britain bound to leave the EU in March, this year’s events will be key in shaping the country’s future for generations

Most break ups or separations are usually messy, as for a divorce that can take or break all barriers.  Either party is invariably at each other’s throat as much is at stake.  This BREXIT break up is no different.  In the usual scenario it is between a man and his estranged partner.  They hate each other but due to the finality of the actual split there can deep seated bitterness.  The UK divorce from the European Union is no exception as in the case of a divorce between a man and his wife.
Democratic Vote
There was a vote to leave the Union by the British people.  There was a “No” side and a “Yes” side. Even if it was close the vote legally was the will of the people. The Yes side won on voting day.  It was a legally binding vote.  Among the grouse publicly voiced to leave the “marriage” was the deep seated feeling that their “Sovereignty” was being undermined .. also they were bound by decisions made by the European Parliament in Brussels. For example on Immigration was one such policy issue that the British people seem not comfortable with.  The above is a brief background to what BREXIT in a nutshell is all about.  Negotiations leading to say such settlement can be acrimonious.  In the case of a conventional marriage there is likely say property jointly owned that has to be sold and proceeds split accordingly. It should be noted that same sex marriages which may be legally binding unions in member countries of the EU is not being looked at for the purposes of this article discussion.
Due to the far reaching nature of BREXIT and post BREXIT life there has to be tedious if not delicate negotiations so the  best possible deal for the UK can be arrived at.  For example the exit will affect trade, migration, currency etc.
PM May’s Leadership?
PM May is finding it difficult convincing her own coalition colleagues to support her plan to leave the EU which is to happen by March 2019.  We are not sure what the sticking point or points are.  We know as stated above that trade and protected markets which was part of the common market as part of the European Union will be disrupted. Open border that appears to be a sticking point and employment across former EU states will be hot issues. Currency issues will need to be looked at.  What will be the value of the British pound in relation to other EU currencies?
Acceptance Of Plan
Domestically, will May survive as leader? There is still strong opposition to her BREXIT divorce plan in the British Parliament. A vote was postponed by PM May in late 2018, seen as a strategic move, but must be held soon (on May’s plan) in her Parliament.  Failure to get the votes to accept her plan was the main reason for the postponed vote. There is no turning back.  May will need a “yes” vote to her plan to survive as leader?
Interesting times ahead for the BREXIT divorce plan. Stay tuned.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada

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