Perspectives: Michel Martelly’s Song “Bal Bannann” …Freedom of Expression or Insensitivity … Be my Guest ….

michael haiti pm

In this my perspective on the latest unfolding drama in the rather checkered scene in our French speaking neighbour .. let us impassionately view his song. This is Black History Month in which we celebrate our achievements as people of colour. Haiti has contributed much to this our rich history as a people despite their apparent political instability. Haiti has had rotten power hungry leaders who have corruptly collaborated with forces unknown to destabilize, if not attempt to, turn back the gains of this proud people.

Must remind us that Haiti unshackled itself from their Colonisers France, long before the emancipation and abolition of slavery between 1834 & 1838 of mainly English-language enslaved peoples.

Yours truly was struck by the beauty and rich history of Haiti during my visits there … got a snapshot of a culturally rich people of deep cultural roots.

Reparation Iowa

France demanded Reparation for loses incurred as a result of self determination of the Haitian people. This was a low down act
designed to keep the Haitian people down.

Freedom of Expression

Any attempt to denigrate the office of President to score cheap points or to get back at a critic or an opponent is in my view cheap and possibly a low down act. Acts whether in song or poetry should be elevating without losing that touch of humour and trampling on freedom of thought or artistic freedom. It is a thin line to tread.

As a poet and at times a satirist l am fully aware of poking fun at oftentimes serious issues in an attempt to draw attention to the stupidity of a decision, idea or suggested course of action. Satire can be, as you are aware used as a two edged sword.

The office holder has at all times must do what is necessary to hold his office in high esteem for posterity. To diminish in any way the integrity of his office whether current or retired is not advisable. That is why for example a retired US President has a library set up at public expense to maintain their historical records, pictures etc having left office …this gives researches a glimpse into how certain decisions were arrived at and helps to view the presidency from the inside ensuring that national security concerns are not thrown out as you would not want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

A decent retirement and or remuneration package is usually offered including close protection security for ex office holder so as to maintain a decent lifestyle.

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