July 10, 2019
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July 11, 2019

PM Holness Takes To The Street

PM Holness walks beside Most Honourable Carla Seaga widow of Mr. Seaga and daughter Gabrielle et al. It was demonstration of strong support for his protege'. It was a colorful and powerful spectacle. They were heading to National Heroes Park on foot.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister the Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness defied advise from seasoned members of the security forces when he decided to take to the streets on foot leading the throng of mourners, close family, JLP supporters and all as they headed to the final resting place for Mr. Seaga behind the motorized vehicle flanked by Soldiers and other uniformed groups.  “We told the powers at be that it was too risky to expose the PM, but it was decided to do what the PM wanted” a source who asked not to be named.
This fearlessness was reminiscent of Sir Alexander Bustamante’s defiance when in the heights of the sugar workers revolt in 1938 he bared his chest and challenged the authorities to shoot him.  Holness would not have allowed security concerns to prevent him from rubbing shoulders with the people.  He was making a powerful statement of confidence in our security forces and by so doing also demonstrated his unwavering love for his protege’ Mr. Seaga.
Assassination Attempt?
You will recall that Vision Newspaper reported what we deemed it a possible assassination attempt on the life of then Opposition leader Mr. Holness and his wife who sat on the platform at Sam Sharpe’s Square in Montego Bay at a political rally in 2016.  Men unknown with high powered AK 47 rifles attacked the JLP rally forcing the security forces to hurriedly remove the then Opposition leader and his wife to safety from the platform.  Mr. Holness was speaking at the podium at the time the shots rang out.
Security Forces 
It is our further perspective that this action of Holness speaks well at the confidence he has in the quality of our security forces. We have some of the best trained men and women in our armed forces.  We have a lot as a country to be proud of.
It was an excellent image and puts Holness heads above other leaders. Incidentally!  He is over 6 feet in height … so he stands tall in any crowd.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie filed this report. He is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada. 

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