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December 3, 2018
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December 3, 2018

PM Must Support INDECOM

The Prime Minister has no excuse to not amend the INDECOM act that has established the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) which has been defending the interests of the public.  Respect for life has been their focus since it’s inception almost 10 years ago.  Commissioner Terrence Williams heads the oversight body.
Tivoli Resident 
Victor, a Tivoli Gardens resident has blasted  the police for brutality  .. . “Them kill mi brother in cold blood and plant gun on him and claim it is a shoot out … them a murderer”  his name has been changed to protect his identity etc.
Steve McGregor has admitted that the police made errors when after  the 2010  failed bloody incursion to nab Christopher ‘Dodus’  Coke.  Over 76 were slaughtered.  McGregor said inter alias that “The police will not make the same mistake this time around in the current State of Public Emergency (s) as was made in 2010”.
The enquiry found that the police/security was guilty of many extra-judiciary killings  gang land style by a set of murderous state sponsored terrorists, posing as protectors of the people.  These are supposed to be agents of the state sworn to serve and protect.
Powers Of Arrest
The INDECOM Act needs to be amended to give powers of arrest to INDECOM officers.  The police in particular are pushing their chests and thumbing their  noses at the police oversight body aka INDECOM.
The PM did not address this vital body that helps to protect human rights at his very successful 75th Annual Conference at the National Arena … some.m 50,000 attended.
Minister Grange is a product of Tivoli Gardens having served there with former Prime Minister Seaga . Tivoli is not all bad news as the PNP wants us to think.
PM ANDREW HOLNESS AT 75TH JLP CONFERENCE 2018. Deputy leaders Robertson & Spencer at left (partly hidden).
Seaga and wife Carla at 75th JLP Conference 2018.
There have been 2 convictions,  prosecuted by INDECOM recently … Constable Brown & SSP Castelle …  now convicted criminals.
Photo: SSP Anthony Castelle JCF convicted for criminal conduct.
We hope INDECOM will get all the support it needs like powers of arrest,  as they stand up for “respect for life.”
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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