PNP Turn On Each Other … As Lisa Hanna Moves ‘No Confidence Motion’ Against Paul Burke, General Secretary


Still reeling from the shock loss to the JLP … former beauty queen MP Lisa Hanna has turned her fury against Paul Burke, PNP’s General Secretary … blaming him for the loss.

She (Hanna) did not publicly take responsibility for the PNP’s loss … Did she?

The most powerful decision making body outside their Annual General Conference, … met for the first time since the February 25, 2016 General Election loss to the JLP. The National Executive Council (NEC). held what it was reported as a “tense” meeting.

The meeting accepted a motion of “no confidence” brought by Region 1 chairperson MP Lisa Hanna. The motion having been seconded is now legally before the NEC. Reports are that Council has a month to look at the motion before debate and ratification or rejection.

The motion is calling for Burke’s immediate removal. Hanna refused to speak to the assembled media claiming that she does not discuss “party matters publicly”.

In the meantime embattled Gen. Sec. seems to be in denial … claiming that he is not “embattled.”


Paul Burke also said ” Lisa Hanna has been a good Youth Minister, but questioned her role in the defeat to the JLP. “Why she did not bring out the youth vote?

One commentator said: “There is no love lost between Hanna and Burke. Why is this so?

Is this a smoke screen?

It is public knowledge that the Office Of The Contractor General (OCG) has been investigating allegations of possible mismanagement of funds in Lisa’s constituency. We also know that Paul Burke visited her area to try to mediate a dispute with Hanna’s councillors and herself.

Palace Coup

We also know that Lydia Richards, Councillor of the Bensonton Division was moving to challenge Hanna for the right to represent the constituency held by MP Lisa Hanna. There was tension and a nasty public row. We daily saw playing out before us for example: The removal of the chair of Prickley Pole Primary School after a child died under a cloud of accusations of a political nature.
Independent Investigation


A subsequent Investigation by CDA exonerated School board chair of any negligence or wrong doing. There was bad blood and Comrades were washing their dirty linen very publicly. This motion appears to be a smoke screen intended to disguise the real picture.

What a tangled web …?

The OCG, is an independent body that investigates allegations of corruption … it does not pay courtesy calls on suspects … they are serious people. Criminal proceedings/prosecution can flow from adverse findings. Will Hanna be forced to defend herself in a court of law?

Why the NC Motion At This Time?

In attempting to answer this question it should be noted that Paul Burke had indicated (on February 29, 2016 which is prior to Hanna’s no confidence motion that was officially presented to the NEC) that come Annual Conference … September 2016, it is his publicly expressed intention to demit office as Gen. Sec. This was on the record before last weekend.

Hanna’s 5 Point Reasons …

The internationally acclaimed beauty queen said in her letter allegedly sent by her to the media and read publicly that :
(not a verbatim account)

1) The Gen. Sec should give a positive brand image of party …

2) There should be efficiency

3) Seek to the motivation of staff and the Secretariat

4) Up hold discipline

5) Win elections

Paul Burke responded by saying in an interview monitored by Vision inter alia. “Why did we not get the youth vote? … Hanna was the Youth Minister.

Burke also chided his Comrade colleagues for “not disclosing” and sharing campaign funds for the benefit of all. He further asserted that “others contributed to the PNP being in Opposition today.” Burke took full responsibility for his role.

It is alleged that PNP Elder K.D. Knight had some harsh words for Burke. Knight commended the Gen. Sec. of serving the PNP well but was accusing Burke of being promoted out of his “competence.”

We await the outcome of this “mud slinging” contest in the PNP … as usual you my valued readers be my guest as the verdict is always yours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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