Poetic Commentary: Protect Our Children

Protect Our Children
For goodness sake my Brethren
Do protect our innocent children
Trust precious few with your child
Those persons may not be kind

Pedophiles seem to be every where …
To satisfy their desires … they really don’t care
They may even sexually groom the little child
Such conduct is Oh! So unkind

Men on the corner give lunch to say a little girl
The plan is to sexually groom her for the world
Likely se is being mentally prepared for sex …
This is how these perverts are known to flex

Some mothers unfortunately condone such conduct …
As they encourage this “financial duct”
Let us expose this atrocity …
Be mindful that you are acting in complicity

By silence we perpetuate such  … leading to calamity
Perverts can be lawyers, doctors, even the preacher man
Least to mention the teacher, youth leader or the policeman
It is an unholy clan … likely seduced by Satan

Let us protect the youth …
Such is indeed quite cute

by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, poet, jouurnalist/SIC vision newspaper
With assaults and rape on the rise among under aged youths, especially girls we are sounding the alarm by speaking out against this disgraceful practice. It must stop now as we are ruining our future generation.  There have bee a number of high profile arrests in Jamaica for sexual assaults/rape.  There has been at least one conviction among the clergy so far.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie SIC vision Newspaper.

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