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Police: 2 officers fatally shot by gangsters in notorious Haitian slum on edge of capital

Haitian Police - Drug Dealers War

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti _ Two police officers have been killed in a rough Haitian shantytown that has long been known for its well-armed gangs and extreme poverty.

Haitian National Police deputy spokesman Gary Desrosiers said the two officers were on a motorcycle exchanging gunfire with gang members running down a pitted street of the sprawling Cite Soleil slum.

Desrosiers says the law enforcers’ motorcycle crashed in the maze-like slum on an edge of Haiti‘s capital. He says the gunmen ran to the accident scene and fatally shot the wounded officers on the pavement.

The officers killed late Monday have been identified as Forcena Banham and Edouard Occile.

Desrosiers says four suspects have been arrested. He says police operations are continuing Tuesday “to bring down the tension inside Cite Soleil.”

The Associated Press

Photo from www.dailymail.co.uk

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