Update: Depty Superintendent Charmaine Shand has named person of interest in the double police shooting …. Marlon Perry o/c duppy film or foreigner
December 24, 2015
Chris Paul, Clippers hold off Lakers 94 84 in Kobe Bryant’s 16th and final Christmas Day game
December 26, 2015

Police Commissioner meets with the press to comment on latest ploice killings

Vision Newspaper

Photo: Carl Williams

As the senseless blood letting is showing no sign of abating the Police are grieving as two of their own have been slain by criminal elements. Commissioner of police Dr. Williams met the press.

Carl Williams

This is one credible source of many reactions to the brutal murder of two law men. One of our leading newspapers has reported the tragic murders today December 24, 2015. We all morn the killings. A civilian was also injured in the drive-by assaults. Reports are that some 25 spent shells were recovered by “Scene of Crime” experts at the venue where the shooting took place.

Police Commissioner Dr. Williams has announced a million Jamaican dollars as reward for the arrest and capture of Duppy Film or Foreigner who is the prime suspect in the shooting attack that has led to the deaths of the two police officers Cpl. Kenneth Davis, Constable Craig Palmer and the injuring of a civilian. So far four other suspects are in custody in connection with these attacks.

Nine cops so far this year (2015) have been slain by criminal elements. There were 3 police murders in 2014. We condemn these attacks.

by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist, for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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