“Portia was not pushed to step down” Paul Burke former General Secretary of the PNP declared.

Paul Burke
Paul Burke

Interestingly, if not more than coincidentally, both Portia and Paul Burke have demitted their respective offices at the same time. Paul Burke came under considerable pressure from the likes of Lisa “Jezebel” Hanna who did move a no confidence motion against him. She later withdrew the motion.

Comrade Julian Robinson has replaced Paul Burke as General Secretary. Robinson was Burke’s deputy.

Paul Burke is believed to be very close to Portia, so we are not sure if we can take what he says as credible.


There seems to be an attempt to sanitize Portia so her legacy will look good. It was generally felt that she was incompetent and fell asleep at the wheel of government.

49817portiaReplacing Portia

There are two front runners for the position of party president. Dr. Peter Phillips 67, and Peter Bunting 55. They are both MPs and were former National Security Ministers in PNP governments. We will analyse both later.

Will age matter, there is talk about renewal … they wanted someone to match the youthfulness and vibrancy of Andrew Michael Holness 44. The delegates are likely to go for experience over youth.

Whether Portia was pushed or she jumped, it does not matter. Comrades were tired of her non performance. She saw the writing on the wall and “resigned”.

We have to wait and see who her replacement will be. Interesting times are ahead.

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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