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JUNE 5, 2020 | Janice Young |

KINGSTON JAMAICA, After a video of what looked like Dancehall Artiste Macka Diamond visiting an Obeah woman surfaced online and has  been making the rounds on social media pages, the artiste is making it clear that there is nothing sinister about the leaked video clip.

Although the artiste believes there are evil forces out there and persons do practice negative behavior, even in Dancehall, she is committed to the idea that positive thinking and trusting in God will overcome any obstacle.

I think if you believe in evil and negativity it will get the better of you so I always stick to positive thoughts, words and actions and I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer,” Macka shared

Prayer and positivity is the concept behind the brand new single ‘All Dem A Talk’ produced by Canadian newcomer Global Castle Production.

We just released the video for the single and see it as inspiration to anyone who like me faced negative people who want to break you down,” Macka added

Macka Diamond believes that negative people and evildoers in Dancehall have been plaguing her career for years whether directly or through cyber bullying but she believes that positivity and prayer will always prevail.

That’s why I did this song so bad minded and negative people can see that I’m still winning, still praying and still remain unmoved. To anyone facing similar challenges I urge you to keep praying and stay positive,” Maka declared

The ‘All Dem A Talk’ single is currently available on all digital platforms for purchase. The official video can be seen on the artist’s Vevo channel on YouTube as well @mackadiamindvevo.

Macka is also working on her ‘Diamond in the Rough’ EP set to have and early 2021 release.

Macka Diamond

‘All Dem A Talk’

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