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Prepare Yourself for One of the Most Complex Yet Rewarding Fields Out There – The Project Maverick Offers New E-book to Help Applicants Prep for Project Management Professional Certification

‘Start From Scratch: 21 Need-to-Knows Before Studying for the PMP®’

ATLANTAAug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lorna Davis and The Project Maverick announced the drop of a new e-guide to help individuals looking to expand their career opportunities by studying for and passing a Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam. A PMP® industry expert, Lorna Davis has spent over a decade in business and relationship management, project planning, and service delivery. The PMP® Certification is a globally acknowledged certification conferred by the Project Management Institute, proving leadership acumen, project agility, expertise, and ensuring the experience needed to lead successful teams in a wide variety of industries. The “Start from Scratch” e-book is available via The Project Maverick site.

Lorna Davis

“As founder of The Project Maverick, I know all about navigating and climbing the ladder in the PMP® industry,” said Lorna Davis, MBA, PMP®, CSM. “I also know how hard it can be to gain the recognition, accolades, and salary you deserve in this often cut-throat, ambitious sector. This is especially true for Black women and other BIPOC professionals – we have to fight that much harder to catapult our careers, so any advantage you can leverage is crucial. And that’s why I launched my company while also putting together a free, go-to resource to help women navigate the complexities of taking the PMP® test. Believe me, you don’t want to have to sift through a bunch of Google pages or online videos, trying to sort it out on your own. Use what I have already learned to help you get a head start.”

“Start from Scratch”: Free E-book Features

The head of a team, PMP® Certified leaders plan, organize, and direct a wide variety of specific projects for organizations and businesses, working to see that each phase of the project is on time and on budget, while guiding and evolving the original project blueprint as needed toward success. The “Start from Scratch” free e-book comes complete with tips to help professionals ace the PMP Certification test, including:

  • 21 important, career-impacting insider secrets that many never share in the PMP® field.
  • Next-level resources needed for serious students who want to build a career as a leading project manager, gaining the credentials necessary to impress employers looking for the most qualified candidates.
  • Experienced and real “been there, done that” guidance on how to study for and get the PMP® Certification the first time, avoiding multiple retesting.
  • A wealth of tips, study hacks, and other PMP® Certification secrets to streamline the process and frontload applicants for success.

SOURCE The Project Maverick

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