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President: France giving logistics, weapons support to African states allied vs. Boko Haram

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PARIS _ President Francois Hollande says France is providing support in logistics, operations and weaponry for African countries uniting to battle Boko Haram. He stopped short of saying whether France was involved in military action itself.

The French leader told a Paris news conference that France supported African forces fighting the “terrorist sect” behind “horrible massacres” _ including in Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria, the radical group’s base.

He also issued a stern call Thursday to other world powers: “France can’t resolve all the conflicts in the world.”

Addressing the world’s largest countries, he added: “Do your work. Don’t give lessons. Take action.”

France is battling Islamic radicals in Mali, trying to quell sectarian violence in Central African Republic and involved in the U.S.-led air campaign fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq.

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