Perspective: Martin Luther King III Calls His Meeting With Donald Trump ‘Constructive’

President Trump’s meeting with Martin Luther King III is like getting crumbs from the white man’s table. We should not be elated or fooled by that show.

This so called meeting could easily be perceived as a publicity stunt. If Trump really wanted to honour the name of one of the greatest human beings ever lived, he would have chosen to attend one of the many functions held to honour Martin King Jr.
We as people of colour have no reason to skin our teeth and feel great about such optics. MLK was a very dignified man who gave his life to forward the wellbeing of all especially black as he was an agent of peace.
King Was Assassinated
It was the same whites who plotted to assassinate King and hoped to turn back the gains achieved … the gains of better race relations without violence.
Trump wants to turn back Obamacare so as to turn back the gains of millions of Americans who never had healthcare coverage, just to fulfil an low level campaign promise and to prove that he has the power to do so. They have the votes but lack the moral fibre to be honourable.
Be  Really Constructive
As you are aware “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” … this is what President-Elect Trump clearly, it appears to be representing to all America and the the world.
Do not be fooled by a handshake and a polite comment by Martin Luther King III  as reported as  “constructive”.
What would be really constructive is for the Republicans to unite with the Democrats to improve the lot of the masses as MLK demonstrated and Obama did when he enacted his Obamacare healthcare legislation to better the lives of all. That was truly a constructive move.
Black Spilled Their Blood
That would be constructive indeed Mr. Trump. You would bring legitimacy to your presidency.  When you insult Civil Rights icon Lewis we cannot with good conscious embrace your presidency, Sir. No, you are proving that you lack the statesmanship to be taken seriously as Commander in Chief. Many blacks spilled their blood and made great sacrifices to make America strong.  King died before his dream was achieved … cut short by a bullet not by the ballot box.
Voting Rights
It was only about fifty plus years ago blacks in America were legally allowed to vote. Trump was elected by a still obviously corrupt electoral system that plotted to keep blacks away from poling stations. Do not be fooled by gimmicks. Emails were hacked to embarrass the Democrats. Do not forget these wrongs.
To improve voting rights legislation would be truly constructive.
If Trump really wanted to unite an obviously racially divided America  … ?he would condemn publicly racists like Dylan Roof who murdered nine (9) innocent blacks who were worshiping their Creator … their only crime.
Tweet as you like to do Mr. Trump and say “Racism is an affront to decency” say it loud, preach unity and leave Obamacare alone. Improve same and not bad mindedly tear it down. You are insulting the legacy of Obama and showing total disregard for the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.
King preached racial harmony. The look of a persons face or colour of their skin is of little significance, it is their efforts to improve the lot of the human race that really matters.
Go and apologize to Representative Lewis, a real hero of the Civil Rights movement.  Your insult of our hero is inexcusable.
Unite, Mr Trump for it is the right thing to do. This would be a very constructive way to honour the legacy of MLK and Obama and to show respect to Mr. Lewis. They deserve nothing less. The price is even right Mr. Trump.
Your Presidency needs to be seen as legitimate to all Mr. Donald Trump after you take the oath of office as the 45th President of the USA.
What is your perspective, let us hear from you. As usual the verdict is yours.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet and civil rights advocate who writes for vision newspaper.

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