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Bolt To Explore Other Fields

Dr. The Honourable Usain St. Leo Bolt, OJ is only 31 and has made a name which is a good marketing tool for any sporting body. Bolt is the holder of world records. This brings prestige to any country and club.  He has integrity as he has never been even accused of drug abuse or anything of an illegal nature.

Party Animal

Bolt is reputed to be a party animal and likes girls in the numbers, if these reports are accurate, then he is just engaging in activities that healthy people do. None of these alleged vices are illegal or remotely so.

Whether he can play or not name brand recognition is worth millions.  Bolt’s public image, which is good means greater fan support.  Fans collectively boost income and with soaring income there is improved gate receipts to buy more expensive players.  A win win for all concerned.

Usain Bolt may be used as a goal keeper due to his height or just as a substitute player.

New Experience

Gone are the days when people stick to one career for life.  Dr. Usain Bolt is relatively well off financially, based on endorsements and cash from races etc. He could just relax and be comfortable for the rest of his life. Yet he wants new experiences and to break new frontiers.  He is disciplined and goal orientated. It is therefore not surprising to learn that he wants to explore new careers.


Media reports are that he wants to be a professional Poker player.  So from athletics to poker to football.  When you are young and relatively healthy you tend to want to conquer the world or feel you can. Ride on my brother.

In our perspective, whatever he (Bolt) embarks on we at Vision support him as a persons of vision. “Without vision thy people perish” Bolt can only soar like an eagle.  Finally,  “…. young men have visions” The bible in Acts reminds us.

May Dr. Usain St. Leo Bolt OJ, continue to be a visionary. This is our perspective.  What is yours?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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