Minister Montague Says Domestic Airline A Priority
March 15, 2019
Statement from Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East
March 15, 2019

Prosperity – Jamaica’s Construction Boom

high rise located at 76 half-way-tree road

There has been a construction boom in Jamaica.  Many multi-story buildings are dotting the skyline in Jamaica as the economy bets better.   You will pass an area today and if you are not careful you miss your way as landmarks seem to change overnight.

This is prosperity and we love it. Not sure where the money is coming from.   Remittances or foreign investments.   I think it may be from overseas.
Want a piece of this action too.
This high rise is located at 76 half-way-tree road.  It is near completion.   Is Usain Bolt the investor?   Will investigate.
Hopeton O’Connor -Dennie is SIC Vision Newspaper Canada

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