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Put Fun and Jokes Aside with Macka Diamond

August 22, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Five years ago, when asked, who would you love to marry?

Macka Diamond, the “Money Ooh” deejay made it quite clear it would have to be a Minister of Finance.

Today, she is still holding on to her dream of tying the knot with a man who virtually “bathe inna money.”

Photo of Macka Diamond in Stunning Outfit

“If you ask me the question today is the same answer you gonna get tomorrow. Who love money like Macka Diamond. Is a Minister of Finance on my mind all the time. I love money more than cook food.”

So, how about a Minister of  Agriculture?

“Food is the staff of life, but look how many restaurants and cook shop dah road. My body look like it short a food.”

Well, how do you feel about a Minister of Transport?

“You mean me fi go back go drive inna the chi-chi bus dem. You don’t follow social media. Things a gwaan fi  Macka. Me a tek plane like how you a tek taxi. Last time mi a pass through customs dem asked me, lady weren’t you the same person I checked in hours ago. Are you one of an identical triplets?”

Well, I think you could try someone from the op…

“Don’t bother go there cause me fraid a forty leg and him haffi ave a cow foot.

A Minister of religion could open the doors to your dream.

“Everybody a go want a touch affi him and me well jealous.”.

What a bright girl like you doing in music, you should be doing banking, sharing out money to customers.

“You know if them did have a vacancy fi di vault is there i would want to work”

Allright, what is the worst fault a man could have?

“Liard with a big capital ‘L’. Mi can’t deal with a liard for every liard is a thief.”

Photo of Macka Diamond

If you were Prime Minister what would you change immediately?

“The minimum wage. My God! mi tired fi see di security guard dem with white squall a dem mouth corñer. Dem and the garbage man deserve $20k a week.”

What! Where would that type of money come from?

You don’t see they turn the Force inna writing competition. As a vehicle cough you get a ticket. Take away the writing book from some a dem who love butta and send den fi fite crime.

What’s the worst dream you ever got?.

In a plane and it stopped on the road.

How me never see you a Sumfest. Is it true that you had wanted a million dollars .

“Mi dear, let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t go around and Scatter roses when Joe Grind is around…. am gone.

What is your real age?

Twenty years ago you said you were 30. Five years you still 30 and yesterday you were still 30 years old.

Well add up the three thirties and divide this by three and that my age. You can also try cashpot.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at jfpipeace@gmail.com

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