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Radykal Jahz delivers latest Reggae smash ‘Blow The Trumpet’

Jamaican Reggae artiste Radykal Jahz has released his new conscious track ‘Blow The Trumpet’.

November 18, 2021 | Entertainment Junkie |

On his quest to make a difference in this world through his music, Canada-based Jamaican Reggae artiste Radykal Jahz has released his new conscious track ‘Blow The Trumpet’. The drumbeat driven ‘Blow The Trumpet’ is described as a true self-expression of African freedom and spirituality. The track was written by Radykal Jahz himself with composition by Ian Crawford (Hotroom Production) and production by Rawl ‘Way Rawl’ Grant of Biz Music Inc.

The Kingston, Jamaica-born Radykal Jahz (real name Robert Malcolm) shared on the song’s deeper meaning and purpose, “Blow The Trumpet is a song of tribute to King Selassie and the Most High, Rastafari. It’s about an inner belief of a higher power with divine salvation to free us from hardship. It’s a feel good song about the teachings of Rasta for the Earth and the levity of man. This is the roots of Reggae coming straight from Jamaica.”

Although relatively unknown on an international scale, Radykal Jahz is no newcomer to music as it has always played an instrumental role in his life both spiritually and emotionally. The singer and dub-poet’s approach to music is influenced by various genres which include Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soft Rock, Jazz & Instrumental as well as worldly topics such as injustices, politics, religion, and equal rights. He aspires to continuously use the power of music to uplift by inspiring others and to leave a legacy on this planet through musical triumph.

With its consistent infusion of infectious guitar riffs and trumpets the new conscious single has already caught the ear of several Reggae music aficionados across the globe. This latest Reggae track from Radykal Jahz is released on Canadian record label Biz Music Inc. Biz Music Inc’s founder and lead producer Rawl ‘Way Rawl’ Grant is happy to have Radykal Jahz as a part of the label and echoed similar sentiments about the new musical release saying, “Blow The Trumpet is a song for justice, liberty, and peace. The symbol, and the proclamation of the trumpet stands for strength, the truth, and celebration of Rastafarian levity.” ‘Blow The Trumpet’ is currently available on all major streaming platforms:

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