Randy Valentine is ‘Still Pushing’

15 pic randy front

After topping the reggae iTunes sales charts in 2014 with ‘Break the Chain’, UK-based singer Randy Valentine will be releasing his new EP in February, coinciding with the release of a string of music videos early next year.

The album hit the top five of most reggae iTunes charts in several countries across the world and hit number one in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden and Norway on its first day of release in May 2014.

“I am blessed to have had such a great reaction to the album, and I have been in the studios working hard on my latest EP, to keep my growing fan base happy,” Valentine said.

The new EP, Still Pushing, will be released by the artiste’s label, Hemp Higher, and is entirely produced by Joe Ariwa, son of the legendary Mad Professor, and mixed by the Mad Professor himself.

The project is set to be one of the most anticipated reggae releases of 2015 and will be accompanied by the spring tour, which already has shows confirmed in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Australia.

Valentine recently did a press and radio-promotional tour in the US and the Caribbean to generate buzz for the project. He returned to Jamaica to visit family and friends this month, his first visit in almost 11 years.

“I left as a teen, but I have been networking with a lot of local producers, via the Net, I’ve also met some in person while on tour in Europe. I’m even in the process of finalising projects with DJ Kurt Riley, Gavin Blair from Equinoxx, just to name a few,” Valentine said.


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