Reactions To Tivoli Report : Peter Champaigne and Valrie Neita Robertson agree that there were “Excesses” … 69 Citizens Killed … Speaking On An Interview representing the security forces

owen-ellingtonThree lawyers who played pivitol roles in the Tivoli Enquiry spoke their minds. Valrie Neita Robertson disagreed stating that the findings were not appropriate … this was not a trail. Asked what should be done to top officers so adversely named? “It is up to the Police Commissioner … I have not read the report … Citizens have a role to play …” she asserts in a radio interview monitored by Vision. Government of the day needs to take responsibility and an apology by all involved” Attorney Miguel Lorne, who at a point represented Tivoli residents said … “where there were excesses they must be punished … when soldiers came and gave evidence behind masks and citizens came and gave evidence unmasked … they must be commended. You cannot use a broad brush to paint everyone, as police cannot protect us at all times. Peter Champaigne “I want to follow up on accountability … no citizen came and said they knew Christopher “Dudus” Coke and saw any gunmen. The dilly dallying on the extradition was a factor.” Stewart SaundersResponsibility is for all involved. Why did the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) (Police) not acknowledge responsibility for the loss of at least one life.? Valrie Neita Robertson “it is not possible for the security forces to accept that they shot anyone when they themselves are being shot at.” We need to tackle garrison politics. There has to be a social programme to educate children at schools. Legally Speaking (Vernon Derby) The People’s lawyer, Wendel Wilkins response to question raised by Vision Ja. W.I., on National radio said “The Tivoli Report in itself is not legally binding … it is merely providing information. It is up to the government to accept the recommendations” he asserted. This damming report speaks volumes. The Report has found adverse findings against several top, present and retired members of the security forces. “They offered poor leadership/control and almost non existent record keeping.” Delroy Chuck Justice MinisterStay tuned to Vision, we will continue to bring you perspectives, analysis, and reactions … the latest on this unfolding drama. The 900 pages of report … it’s far reaching findings and recommendations will not go away in a hurry. The real issue is how many of these findings will be implemented and when? Trust me … the report is most comprehensive to say the least. Justice Minister Chuck, on releasing this Tivoli Report in Parliament puts it well” This report will ruffle feathers” Will it really? Only time will tell. Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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