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Reggae Artist Rik Jam’s Heartbreak Changes His Life

Photo: Reggae Artist Rik Jam

Rising multi-faceted recording artist Rik Jam has jointly released his new single and video titled “Change My Life“. This is the third single for the Irie Yute Records artist, who has garnered modest international attention with “Love Never Lost” and “Life”.

Rik Jam’s music and budding career has stemmed from his life experiences  From losing his mother at an early age,to heartbreaks, music has been his constant companion and his way of dealing with life’s ups-and-downs. The latter self-evident in his new musical offering. Speaking on the song’s inspiration, he explained “My inspiration came from about three years ago when I had a relationship that ended up on the bad side, I remembered one day I was sitting and an idea flew out of my head and that’s where I created the song. It was supposed be a breakup song but I change it because I’m all about positivity and I wouldn’t give that type of idea out for the world.” – Rik Jam

Priding himself in finding the good in people and life’s situation, is a mission that Rik Jam takes to heart. “From early on in my music career I purposed myself to sing clean, positive lyrics as such music help to keep one focused and give you a positive energy. Music is like a gateway to my happiness and without it I don’t think I could function properly.”

Produced by Irie Yute Records and distributed by Zojak WOrldwide, Rik Jam “Change My Life” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets. Stream and watch video


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