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Religious Focus: Brian Alexander : Gone To Survey Heavenly Plots

Resent: Brian Alexander's image in photo frame with Urn at his funeral, September 2017.

He surveyed many a plots on earth, straightened out numerous kinks, drove many a an identification marks, helped to fulfill countless dreams and to secure even contentious siblings and dreamers of a loved one’s legacy.  Tired of traversing desolate bushes, he has turned to the plot of all plots for solace, retirement and refreshment … a heavenly home to be with his Maker.

Archdeacon Justin Nembhard, rector, said inter alia, “Brian Alexander was very supportive of the church and contributed both professionally to its development and spiritual growth.” Hundreds if not thousands mourned his transition … September 9, 2017 at the St. James Parish Church,  Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I. as the crowd of teary eyed mourners could not find a seat in the church so they milled outside just to be there.

Mr. Richard Davis an employee inherited from Beresford Alexander Brian’s late father serving  for over 40 years … was the first to arrive at the empty church, he was taking no chances. See picture enclosed)

The cross being carried with choir members in blue at the funeral service for Brian Alexander at St. James Anglican Parish Church, September 2017.

Lions Club International

Brian was a Lion at heart and an outstanding member of St. James Club of Lions International. He was well respected by his fellow folks and loved by children. Among his many accolades was being past president, distinguished chairman, Zone and Regional chairman of Lions Club International. Lions Club members numbering over 75 representing representing various clubs near and far in yellow jackets, mounted a guard of honour outside the Parish Church to pay their last respects. (See pictures of guard of honour).

Lions Club members mount a guard of honour for Brian Alexander, at St. James Anglican, Montego Bay, Jamaica W.I

Poetic Tribute

Brian Alexander stood tall …
Whether it was summer, winter autumn or fall …
He was a man for all seasons …
Yes!  For the right reasons …

Poetic Commentary

A provider par excellence …
A husband remembered for his presence …
A distinguished Lion at heart …
He was known to be very smart.

Mrs. Valerie Alexander careies the ashes of Late surveyor Brian Alexander.


Valerie Alexander, his distraught wife has been his soul mate, supporter and loyal companion for 51 years … she was dignified in grief but visibly broken as she along with her 95 year old mother, daughter Tracey and son Matthew, and other siblings listened to the glowing tributes. Later Valerie, with grief written over her face carried his ashes to the Peace Garden for internment. “I have known Brian for 51 years and we were married for 48 years.” as she (Valerie) fought to hold back the tears.

Vision’s SIC traveled over 200 kilometers to be at the church to mourn Brian Alexander’s passing. “It was the least I could do for a great humanitarian and Jamaican.” Rest in peace Brian.

Commentary by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie,

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