Religious Perspective: Epiphany

February 1, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The Light Of The World

This perspective is based on a sermon delivered by Rev Rose Bramwell at the weekly mass and Eucharist at St. Jude’s Church, Stony Hill, Jamaica WI.on Sunday January 16, 2022 at 8 AM local time.

Epiphany is a most historic event in the life of An he Christian church …it can be a transforming experience. On of Christian unity. Jesus prayed for same. In this 8 Sunday after Christmas. God made himself known at Mt. Carmel.

Isaiah 2 reading announcing a new name for Zion. The city came to the point of ruins. Transformation will take place. The land will no longer be desolate. There was a change of name. A change in name can be a change in duruyor unison. The name given to us will be Exiber. The marriage then becomes. As John 2 wine was transformed from water. It was considered some amount of humiliation for the wine to run out at say at a wedding feast.

Rev. Rose Bramwell said inter alia:

“The quality of this new wine was one of a higher standard. The servants knew where the wine came from. The master of ceremonies did not know, but those who believed in Christ knew. Many unfortunately follow the wayward crowd. Many of us have not embraced the Christ. This week is celebrated as “Christian Unity Week.” Mary was aware because the Angel would have told her.

A wedding ceremony was taking place in Canaan. In the middle of the feast the wine ran short. Jesus’ mother was in attendance. Jesus’ mother brought this shortage to her son’s attention. The waiters brought a large amount of water from jars. Jesus took over the role of the groom. The groom did supply some wine originally, but that wine ran out. Jesus now takes on the role of the groom and supplies the guest as the bridegroom at the wedding party.

This water was that which was used for cleansing … now being transformed into something else. Wine took on a new meaning. Jesus has now become through the wine the blood. The combination of water and wine took on a new meaning. This has brought into being a new creation. Isaiah 62. The redeemed of the Lord. ? The exile of sin of Jesus. Behold our king is coming to you. This is marked by Jesus riding in a donkey with clothes strewn on the ground. This is recorded biblically as Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

As people of faith we are aware of this fact. We need to appreciate the divinity of Christ. The bridegroom of the church is very much present among us and is quite active. Things do not happen by luck. God is working his purpose out. As humans we duly rise and fail. He came as the light of the world. We should all, whether dead or alive … should strive to be marching up to the new Jerusalem the Holy City.”


Rev. Rose Bramwell is a Supplemental priest attached to the St. Jude’s Cure of Souls consisting of four churches. She is a retired teacher who now spreads the gospel as her new vocation on a part time basis.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie was a congregant who listened to the sermon and filed this report for Vision newspaper. He is a poet, elegist and author and a senior international journalist.

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