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November 23, 2016
November 24, 2016

Returning residents being Shafted?

RE: President Returned Residents Association Percival Latouche left chats with Finance Minister Audley Shaw at right.

Mr. Percival Latouche, president of the returned residents association has had a tiff with Customs as there were allegations of overcharging of duties for returned Jamaican citizens. “We are resolving our differences” stated the President.

Latouche reported to Finance Minister Audley Shaw, that “I am satisfied with results to date .. ”

Minister shaw has responsibility for Jamaica Customs.

Major Reese

The head of Customs whose contract has expired and is believed is to be replaced, based on media reports has had his employment extended for a further three months, according to an impeccable news
source, who spoke to Vision’s SIC. exclusively.

See picture with Finance Minister Shaw at right and Percival Latouche at left.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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  1. Olive says:

    Returning to be residents are either ripped off or murdered What is going on? Enough already

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