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Romain Heads To New York For One Mic


Romain Virgo, no stranger to live performances and up-close and personal performances, was selected by the One Mic team because of his diverse selection of singles and excellent style of delivery.

“We have been asked for quite some time now, when will we feature Romain Virgo on One Mic, and with his charisma, catalogue and charm, it was a no-brainer,” said Rohan Henry, aka Ninja Crown. We had to make this happen. We worked tirelessly to make the wish of our patrons come true, and what better time to deliver than for the holidays? We guarantee this will be an experience you will not want to miss.”

One Mic, the Artistic Movement, just celebrated its one-year anniversary and is building the momentum for 2014.

The vision of Destine Media, Ninja Crown and D’Events was to provide a platform for artistes to share their journey through music, and for the fans to experience the artiste’s true talent.

“I strongly feel artistes need more platforms to truly showcase their talent, which they have nurtured throughout their career. For many people, music is used as our comforter, our safety net, our strength, and our stress reliever, so why not be able to experience the many moods of music? As we know, music is universal, yet, universal in the sense that it moves you, takes you out of some rough and tough times, and also make us happy, and at One Mic, you experience the art and moods of music,” said Ronnie Tomlinson, co-founder of One Mic, the Artistic Movement.

One Mic, the Artistic Movement final series for 2013 will be held on Monday, December 16 at Milk River, which is located at 960 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.


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