August 13, 2013
Bolt’s United dream finally comes true…then fades away again
August 13, 2013

Sam’s Make-up Bag

- by Samantha Dennis -

Fresh all day!

Now that the sun has finally chosen to grace us with her presence – and by grace, I mean scorch – it’s time to enjoy BBQ’s without the indoor contingency plan, attend festivals, dine in parks or head off to the nearest beach. As the sun is a rare thing in this country, we all tend to rush outside so that we don’t miss out. However, more sun equals more sweat, and for oily skin, it is simply a disaster if you’re not prepared. So to avoid resembling melted ice cream, use these essential items to keep your makeup looking natural and fresh all-day.

20 pic make up transpowderMy absolute necessity would be MAC’s all-important Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. Whilst it guarantees to set your makeup in place, it also reduces shine, the visibility of pores, and imperfections. You won’t want to be without this item during our heatwave, just be careful not to drop it!
(Available from MAC for £20)

If like me you love your winged eyeliner, try 17’s Wet Look Lacquer Eyeliner. Despite the sheen that is usually synonymous with an evening look, it will not run of give you panda eyes 4 hours into the day. The long handle makes application easier as you can get really close to your lash line, ensuring a smooth equal wing on both eyes.
(Available from Boots for £3.99)

20 pic make up blotfilmIf reducing the oil is your main concern this summer, then MAC’s Blot Film is just the solution. Each blot film used will leave the skin oil-free and matte. It can be used on top of makeup and will keep everything in place. It’s compact and contains 30 sheets, enough to last you through our “summer”.
(Available from MAC for £11)

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