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September 5, 2016
Jamaican Businesses See Bright Future In 2016 … As Credit Skyrockets …
September 5, 2016

Schools Officially Reopen in Jamaica

Minister Ruel ReidThe Education Ministry officials are reporting that some 35,000 pieces of new and refurbished furniture will greet students in over 2000 public schools/ institutions of learning, this academic year.

This is in addition to increased grants, and repairs to school plants including a refurbished basic school at Gregory Park, St. Catherine, one of the Nationally designated Labour’s Day Projects this year (2016).

The Gregory Park Division is in St. Catherine which was one of the St. Catherine seats and among the eleven seats captured from the PNP last election held in February 2016 that enabled the JLP to come to power.

No Tuition Fee Policy

The much talked about no tuition fee policy of the JLP was strengthened when grant funding was in most cases more than doubled across all sectors of the education system.

The Opposition PNP has been bad mouthing this no user fee policy, saying it will not work.

Today will be the litmus test as to the success or failure of these new policies and initiatives embarked on …. the critics and Opposition are no doubt “sharpening” their swords to attack the Education Ministry/Andrew Holness administration.

PM Holness is a former Education Minister in a previous JLP Government.

We expect success, but must wait and see.

Hopeton O’CONNOR-DENNIE is a former educator, is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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