Candlelight Ceremony At Seaga’s Grave
July 4, 2019
July 5, 2019

Seaga’s Funeral: Graveside Solemnity

Photo Caption: Former PM Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller bows her head in reverence at the internment of Mr Seaga at National Heroes Park June 23rd, 2019.  Portia held an adjoining constituency of South West St. Andrew for over 34 years. She and  Mr. Seaga enjoyed a close personal relationship.  Most Honourable E. Miller,  husband of Portia Simpson Miller comforts his wife by placing his hand on her shoulder.  
16000 Attended
A wide cross-section of persons both foreign and local converged on the grounds of the National Heroes Park to witness the burial of Mist Honourable Edward Phillip George Seaga.  An estimated 16, 000 mourners and the curious were in attendance.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SiC was there and filed this ‘Off the Beaten Track’ story for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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