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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon Kamina Johnson Smith

March 7, 2022 | Vision Newspaper |

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is strongly recommending that Jamaicans located in Russia leave that country, as the situation is becoming increasingly difficult as a consequence of various sanctions imposed in response to its military actions in Ukraine

According to Senator the Honourable Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Flights to and from Russia have already been restricted as several countries close airspace to Russian flights. Visa and Mastercard have suspended all transactions with Russia and international financial transfers to and from Russia have also been suspended. This should all be seen as a clear indication of the worsening situation in Russia, and we therefore advise Jamaicans there, to leave as soon as practicable.” 

The Foreign Affairs Minister further shared, The Ministry is aware that several countries including France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America have advised their citizens to leave Russia.” 

The Minister also advised that the Ministry has been in contact with eighteen students in Russia and so far three (3) of them are making plans to leave in the coming days.I am hopeful that the rest of our students will make the right decision to leave,Johnson Smith stressed

In a new development, the Foreign Ministry is also now aware of four (4) Jamaican medical students in Tbilisi, Georgia. Contact has been made with them and we are also asking these nationals to consider their options including to find safe countries in which to seek shelter, until the situation in the Eastern European region becomes clearer

She also reminded that, our Honorary Consul in Moscow, the Embassy of Jamaica in Berlin and our Consular Affairs Department will remain available to engage with Jamaicans and they may be contacted at Schmargendorfer Strasse 32, 12159 Berlin,, and or, respectively.

SOURCE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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