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Photo of Sir DJ Ken

March 9, 2021 | By Danielle Clark |

Born and bred in Rio Bueno Trelawney Jamaica, DJ Ken migrated to the UK in the year 2000. During his time in the UK  he made some solid roots and now feels like the UK is his home.

“It was around 6 years ago when I was introduced to CityLockRadio in the UK by my brother Cat Man” I then started my Nothing to Something radio show, where I only played new artist.” the DJ said reflecting on his earlier years in the industry.

Photo of Sir DJ Ken

“I dedicate my Airtime to new up and coming artists only, as I feel new artists do not get the opportunity most mainstream artist do. I feel there is a big gap within the Industry and room for the world to support the new talent. From doing this I have built a loyal fan base of listeners that tune in and listen to my show from all over the world.  This proves that the new talent I play is worth the dedication and support I get from my fans.”

DJ Ken has had the pleasure of traveling Europe and playing at various major events like the big festival Rototom SunSplash in Spain, Sweden and Germany.

“I was booked to play in Poland, Berlin, Portugal and Dubai this year but this was all put on hold due to the Covid-19 virus, plans are being made to resume next year 2021.” said DJ Ken.

This year he has spent more time in the studio producing his own music productions with various artist under his own recording label called NTS Records.

“I have been working very closely with recording artists Diligence, Kuzi KZ and many more over the years.” the DJ said.

To date he has produced and released

  • Level inna dis ( Juvinile aka h4hex ft Sizzle )
  • Nothing to Something Riddim(various artist, Diligence, Little Hero, Kuzi Kz, Aljahbar, Shari, Frassdon , Jaybritts Ft Destazion )
  • Come off my Neck (Berse Brown)
  • Calabar Riddum (various artist, Diligence Ft Jahvillani, KuziKz, Frassdon, Dadre, Rasmarkco, Short Boss, Killowatt, Advance)

and is currently in the making of many more as he says he has found that this is where his heart is and he wants to dedicate more time to this side of the industry.

All of his productions are done under his recording label NTS Records and can be found on all musical platforms from iTunes to Amazon to Google.

“So far, I’ve had feedback from various radio DJs from Jamaica to the US and the UK that have been playing all my current riddims, all with positive vibes and lots of listeners have been calling in to ask who the producer and artist are.”

“I want to continue to produce further music and to continue my weekly radio shows as I have been doing over the years. I will continue to deliver new talent to the world every Monday – 9pm to 11pm – Wednesday 3pm to 5pm – Friday 11pm – 1am – Saturdays 7pm-9pm through my Nothing 2 Something Radio shows on (Citylockradiouk)  and (Cat radio). Every Easter I hold a free party in my hometown Rio Bueno for the community where I do giveaways of money and iPhones for the best dancers and best dressed, which i would like to continue also”


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