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August 26, 2019
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Slated As The Biggest Labor Day Event in NYC – ‘BREEZE’

Performing ONE SHOW ONLY Labor Day NYC – Alkaline & Aidonia & Many More

New York, New York August 27, 2019 – Labor Day in NYC, is known for the Caribbean festivities, and outdoor concerts around the city. It’s a time when West Indian communities celebrate their culture and cap off the weekend with Labor Day parade.
This year there is a new event on the calendar ‘BREEZE’ and it has become one of the mostly highly anticipated events in NYC for Labor Day weekend. On Sunday September 1st Platinum Kids & Markus Wanted present an event call Breeze. This event, dubbed a day party, with concert implemented in the mix. 
“Labor Day, people love to party, they want to dance, wave a flags, jump and party with a few friends and family. But we noticed that people also love the element of partying and seeing some of their favorite artists in that same element. So this is not just a stage show, or just a party, this is ‘BREEZE’. ‘Breeze’ is where you come and just enjoy the atmosphere, outdoor, party and concert vibe in one” says promoter Markus Wanted of Platinum Kids,
Markus is known for promoting some go the bigger parties / concerts in and outside the NYC area, such as Bikini Palooza, Aidonia Birthday Party, Spice Birthday Party, Alkaline in concert as well as two weekly events in NYC, Unwind Thursdays and Fresh Mondays. For Markus entertainment is always his number one priority.
“as a DJ its my number one job to make sure people have a good time, and when putting on my promoter hat, and creating events, that’s my number one priority. I want to make sure everyone is having a good time” says Markus.
With only a few Cabanas remaining and all early bird tickets sold out in less that one week of going on sale. It is evident that BREEZE is the hottest selling event for Labor Day weekend, with artists Alkaline, Aidonia, Kemar Highcon, Nailah Blackman and new sensation Jada Kingdom, patrons can expect a fun filled event with great entertainment.

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