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SLMN releases Where Did You Go single with Kvn Rose featuring anders

Toronto, ON (June 9th, 2022) – Juno Award-winning Toronto-based producer SLMN releases his latest offering “Where Did You Go” with Kvn Rose featuring anders. Signed to Sony Music Publishing, SLMN is known for his breakout single “Too Much Time” which garnered five million plus streams, his large catalog of production work with two-time Juno-nominated Toronto R&B standout anders (featured on this new single), and his production credits on some of the industry’s most notable talents, including Mariah Carey (“Caution”), Russ (“On The Way”), Lil Gnar & Lil Yachty (“Eastside”) and Roy Wood$ (“Say Less”, “Shot Again”, “Glasses”).

As a noted and very well respected multi-instrumentalist, SLMN focuses on his production just as much as he does his personal artistry, and his standout tastemaking abilities were illuminated on his debut 2020 EP Late Bloomer which showcased some of Toronto’s best up and coming talent such as anders, TOBi, Jon Vinyl, along with international heavyweight and Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Elijah Blake.

On “Where Did You Go” SLMN combines upbeat drums and melodic R&B notes to create a memorable track that arrives just in time for summer. “The song ‘Where Did You Go’ began as a rough demo in my studio basement in Mississauga last summer,” explains the studio maestro who co-produced “Silhouette” on the 2021 Juno Award-winning Elements Vol. 1 album by TOBi.

“The artist Kvn Rose and I had just started to find a great rhythm with each other as we’d been regularly collaborating at this point. Being in the heat of summer, it was a perfect time to try a ting, and Kvn’s ability to pump out incredible melodies off the top is something really special. Fast forward to March 2022, I was listening to the demo in my car and thought anders would kill a verse on this, so I called him up, told him about the record, and he didn’t hesitate at all in agreeing to try a verse.

The next day in my email Anders sent us the verse, and now it felt like a full song. I immediately did all the post-production, and sent the song off to Yogithaproducer for a mix and master. After some arrangement edits, and a beautiful mix, Yogi sent us the master and here we are. The timing of this record couldn’t be better as we are here almost a year later, with a song that will keep people enjoying the summer season while it lasts!”

Source Dalton Higgins

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