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“Sooooo Amazing” and Chris Thomas The CEO knows Why

June 21, 2022 | By Supa Pea |  Everyone who listens to Chris Thomas The CEO newest project keep making compliments like “Soooo Amazing.” This does not surprise the man who took time and effort to finally land his superb 15-track, Project CEO.

The album opens with someone calling I.W.A.A.D. Music LLC. There is no answer but a message which says: “No one is available to take your call at this time. Leave a message after streaming Project CEO on all digital platforms.”

According to artist/ producer Chris Thomas The CEO, “the album took almost a year to complete because the team – I.W.A.A.D. Nation, Jayfk Productions/ Soniclinks, was not only searching for the right songs, but the time when the songs were most relevant to drop, and now is the right time.

“There is also a reason for so many of the tracks having such a strong female flavour. These songs will always be relevant throughout the year. They cannot die because people will always be listening to songs complimenting the ladies. It is a part of our daily lives.”

According to the producer, “The first song “Quick” has a groovy type of seductive energy dominant in The Dexta Daps vibes co-produced by Richie Tek which are directed for the ladies. There is also “BBG” which speaks to a woman’s endowment.”

Among the collaborations are , “Out of My Head” with deejay Shaka Pow and “Closer” with G Maffiah. Project CEO was released May 14, 2022 and is getting rave reviews.

Supa Pea

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One thought on ““Sooooo Amazing” and Chris Thomas The CEO knows Why

  • Garth McDonald

    The album is truly soo amazing and the track soo amazing of aftobeat accent will thrill and motivate you on how good it is to be alive.A must listen project…


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