Special Investigative Report: Burnt Clock Tower Revisited

Half Way Tree Clock FireBurnt Clock Tower … Revisited … Bureau Of Standards Over To You …

A well known symbol of the Jamaican society the Half-Way-Teee Clock Tower, a noted land mark since 1913 went up in flames recently. Vision revisited the crime ascene and was shocked to find the following:

1) The entrance to the clock tower is open to the elements ….

2) There is a plaque proudly informing involvement of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica….

3) The exterior of the clock tower is in need of regular basic cleaning …

4) We value this Heritage site very lowly …

A close examination clearly shows a bust statue of Edward the V11 … “symbol of peace” … inscribed on the plaque.


We found graffiti stuck to the black plaque affixed prominently to the tower. The smell of fresh smoke from less than one week fire was pungent. The poor attention obviously paid to this Heritage Site was a sharp contrast to the well restored Georgian Type structure directly opposite to the tower.

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