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St. James Family Court to be Relocated

Justice Minister, Hon. Delroy Chuck, says the St. James Family Court will be relocated to offices at the Montego Bay Number One Post Office, as part of a rationalisation and upgrading programme for the justice system in the parish.

Speaking to JIS News following a tour of the proposed Family Court site on February 21, Mr. Chuck said the impending move is aimed at providing additional space for the court.

He said that in addition to two rooms for the Family Court, other arms of the justice system will be housed in the new facility.

“We can put in two family courts, with additional rooms for interviewing, counselling, children meeting their families, play area and a couple of rooms for restorative justice,” the Minister added.

He pointed out that the necessary procurement procedures would have to take place before the work could begin.

The Minister also identified additional space between the courthouse and the post office for the construction of a two-floor complex.

“The bottom floor will be connected to the present main court office and the top floor will provide enough space for courtrooms, judge’s chambers, secretary, and toilet facilities. It will be quite comfortable for use as a major court, and that would also ensure that we can have continuous sitting of the Circuit Court,” he noted.

Meanwhile, in relation to the short-term improvements at the Montego Bay courthouse, Mr. Chuck said special emphasis is being placed on improving the comfort of all stakeholders who use the facility.

He said the Ministry’s aim is to upgrade all the island’s courthouses in order for them to become symbols for the delivery of justice.

Article by: Marlon Tingling
Photo from: www.jis.gov.jm

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