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‘Stinging’ Memories – Artistes Choose ‘Greatest One-Night Show’ As Most Memorable

Today is Boxing Day, and for many, it is a day to rest after the excitement of Christmas Day and the preparations that go into celebrating it. But that is not the case for approximately 20,000 Jamaicans each year. Boxing Day is the day they get away from the family events and the carolling. It is the day they go to Sting. The Gleaner asked those who make Sting and events like it possible on Boxing Day and asked them what is most interesting or memorable about the day.

What has been your most memorable Boxing Day experience and why?


Danielle D.I. (artiste):

Ninja Man versus Kartel in 2003. He was in his early stages, a fresh commodity with lots of blazing witty lyrics When Gyal WantSweet To The BellySend Send Send On and Jersey, so everyone wanted to see what he was coming with. It was unfortunate the clash with Ninja ended that way, but it was a good night.


Stacious (artiste):

Performing on my first Sting, 2005. That made me feel like my status as an artiste was solidified.

prodigal son

Prodigal Son (artiste):

My most memorable Boxing Day experience was performing on Sting and I was called back on for more. I later found out that a lawyer got saved that night. It was a blessed night.


Isaiah Laing (Sting head honcho):

1991 Clash Super Cat and Ninja Man. This year, we are reliving that year. All the acts are still around and current. The crowd is expected to be a record crowd for Sting and for Jamworld. That clash was the first clash that was so intense. It brought out the biggest audience for Sting. Ninja Man got a good fight for his money. Usually, Ninja Man gets a one-way free ticket, but Super Cat gave him a good challenge. When Cat said “Warning, Warning”, Ninja Man got intimidated even by Cat’s entrance.

Omari (gospel artiste):

Walking out on Sting stage and hear the people singing Fadda God Help. It was an overwhelming experience because those were always the places I wanted to take my message of Jesus and his love for his people. I just knew I was fulfilling another part of my purpose that God has for me.


D’Angel (artiste):

Performing at Sting for the first time was my most memorable Boxing Day experience. I didn’t know what to expect, and the crowd also didn’t know what to expect. I came out with wings on my outfit. Trust me, mi outfit did sell off. My only frustration was that I worked late and as a young artiste, that is intimidating. But I delivered, mi go hard and when mi drop the wings dem, the crowd loved it.


Melloquence (artiste):

My most memorable one would be the first time I went to Sting in 2005.

The reason for this is because this was my first time seeing so many performances in one night. I’ve always seen the highlights or heard people talk about Sting, but to actually be there was a great experience.


Nuffy ( MC):

Seeing Vybz Kartel and Mavado Clash in 2008 while I was the MC. At that time, Kartel was working to be “the man” so a lot of effort was exerted. Knowing where I am coming from with Kartel from the beginning, I am the booster, the fire to fury, so to see him at that level was a special moment in itself. Though he could win easily, he lowered his guard. He hit below the belt by telling Mavado about his mother intentionally, to get bashing from the audience. He gave his opponent a lot of chances to make it more competitive for the spectators. He knows the effects of the Ninja, Super Cat, and Beenie and Bounty feuds. He, therefore, used this opportunity to showcase himself as a better clash performer when comparisons are made.


Tommy Lee Sparta (artiste):

“When Merciless ‘bududoup’ three in 2000. That was my memorable moment. To see one man stand up and face a Beenie, a Bounty and Ninja one go, respect tall for him. Him full a courage and him stand out over the years for that moment.



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