April 11, 2017
Discussing Carnival in Jamaica

‘Carnival in Jamaica’ – Further Diversifying the Tourism Product

The Government is partnering with carnival stakeholders to market Jamaica as an entertainment destination. This endeavour aims to enhance brand Jamaica while further boosting the global […]
January 23, 2017
Class is Class

Class is Class celebrates 20 years on February 25th 2017

POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – The Lions Club of Port-Of-Spain Central will celebrate the 20th edition of its annual fundraising all-inclusive fete ‘Class is Class’. The […]
January 12, 2017

D’ Chancellor brings forth Carnival 2017 track “Wajank”

Elizabeth, New Jersey (Sonique Solutions) – The word ‘Wajank’ is a slang which originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is defined as a person who acts […]
February 17, 2013

Carnival Trinidad &Tobago 2013

| by Nadia Akram | As any Trinidadian will tell you, the past few days in Trinidad and Tobago have been truly phenomenal. Monday 11th and […]
August 21, 2012

Get ready for Notting Hill Carnival with Bacchanalia Mas

by Kelly Rajpaulsingh I’m from Trinidad, where carnival season is a fever that grips you the minute you land. The air is electric with excitement and […]