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October 21, 2015
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October 21, 2015


On Friday September 11, 2015 Tasha T made history as the first Reggae artist to be nominated in the category, “Best International Indigenous Release” for her 2014 album ‘Real Talk(RasVibe/VP Records) and also, invited to perform at the 10th Annual Indigenous Music Awards. The annual event took place at the well-attended Manitoba Ahbee Festival at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The Indigenous Music Awards (previously known as The Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards) includes in its presentation, select celebrities and emerging artists from throughout Canada and United States and successfully attracts supporters from all over the world. The presentation both highlights and celebrates the deep rich Aboriginal culture with an emphasis on celebrating talent in music. In 2015 the Festival expanded by including talent of diverse cultures.


Tasha T performed in a stunning couture gown by designer DAB.  She ignited the audience with her astounding vocal ability. The audience in turn, showered her with applause. The Artist sung one of her tracks entitled, “True Love” produced by Syl Gordon and can be found on her sophomore album ‘Real Talk’.  Tasha T was accompanied by the top caliber band “Hardcore” along with background vocalists Jennifer Pryce and Vernie Riley. Tasha T’s performance created an exciting synergistic energy that resulted in a successful introduction of Reggae music to the awards presentation.  After the show an exhilarated Tasha T spoke freely about the impact of her experience, offering generous thanks to all who worked to make her presentation possible:
The 10th Annual Indigenous Music Awards has been a great opportunity to introduce Reggae music to an entirely new audience and to showcase my talent. Leading up to the show, I learned a lot about the history and culture of Indigenous people, and what I learned touched my heart, especially the struggles they continue to face.
Tasha T further went on to say:

I’d like to offer special thanks to the entire staff and sponsors of the Manito Ahbee Festival who took excellent care of me and my band members during our stay. As the first ever Reggae performers to grace their stage we were honored and look forward to both our cultures coming together again and sharing even more positive vibes in the future.
2015 continues to be an exciting year of achievements and recognition for Tasha T. 

Within the past few months she has earned a coveted JUNO Awards nomination for Best Reggae Recording, awarded the Top Female Multi-Talented Recording Artist-Educator” by the Canadian organization Youth in Progress Awards, and became the first artist in the Reggae genre that has ever been included on the lineup to perform at the Union Summer Events” as a featured solo artist in Toronto, Canada. As busy as ever, Tasha T released a new song entitled Musical Mission,” available now on iTunes.

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