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May 2, 2021
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May 3, 2021

The Blue Jay Is Flying Low Will they Shake Off This Scandal Soon

Roberto Alomar is the only player enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Blue Jay, and was the only Jay to have his number retired.

May 2, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The sex scandal rocking the Blue Jays at this time is an extremely heavy load to carry in a city like Toronto, Canada.  This matter will cause irreparable damage to the team.  This scandal is like a earthquake with casualties still missing in action. We note that Major League Baseball (MLB) has severed ties with Blue Jays server Roberto Alomar who has been fingered as the suspect after sexual misconduct allegation and investigation.

Pride Of Toronto

There is no secret that the Blue Jays has been idolized in Canada. Having a winning team does uplift a city.  From humble beginnings, and doubts about the ownership and the location of their headquarters having been issues now resolved.

Sex Scandal

When you rise to that level and come crashing down then you have to ask yourself what could have gone wrong within the franchise? Will this alleged sex misconduct scandal threaten the stability of the team?

Guilty By Investigation

We have no reason to doubt the integrity of reported investigation by what has been described as competent individuals. We have no evidence either of the full content or findings of said investigations. For fairness sake we feel a trial should be held to ascertain not only the facts, but allow all parties to be heard. This is known as natural justice.  Being found guilty by public opinion may not be fair to all parties concerned.

Presumption Of Innocence

It is an established legal principle that an accused, even an alleged murderer is entitled to be viewed as being innocent until proven otherwise in a competent court of law. Public trial by a court of public opinion on suspicion is not considered to be such a competent court.

Jungle Justice

We do not support any notion of an accused being subjected to Jungle Justice or being tried by a Kangaroo style court. We do not know the rules applied to arrived at a decision of guilt or innocence in such a so called court.

“Government should be of laws rather than of men”

A line from the Jaycees International Creed.

We feel this principle should at all times be applied.  Whether to the King or Queen in Buckingham Palace or the pauper in a ghetto in Ontario Canada. Justice has no borders, class, creed or status. We should all get the same treatment under the law. That of fairness.


We are disappointed at this development. This is no excuse, but the bible reminds us that:

“He who is without sin let them cast the first stone”

We are waiting for such a stone to be cast.


It should be noted that we do not condone violence of any shape or form.  The violation of any person is unacceptable. We all deserve to be respected and not have our personal space or person violated. This position should be clearly appreciated.  We are merely advocating fairness.


May good sense prevail and the powers at be do not be tempted to apply a Pavlovian approach to this allegation of sexual misconduct. An Allegation is not necessarily an established fact. We have to be careful. What is your view?  This is our perspective. The verdict as usual is yours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a Senior Caribbean and International Correspondent with Vision Newspaper.

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