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January 24, 2022
January 24, 2022

The enormous Black Canadian Creator Directory–countless amazing creatives to discover!

The Black Canadian Creator Directory is a list of Black creators across Canada jointly hosted by Casey Palmer of Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, Kaya Marriott of Comfy Girl with Curls and Sherley Joseph of The Chonilla Network who founded the Black Canadian Creators community. It offers the opportunity for Black creators to collaborate with their peers, get connected with brands, and give others the chance to hear Black Canadian stories straight from the source! (CNW Group/Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad)

TORONTOJan. 24, 2022 /CNW/ – Just in time for Black History Month, three Black Canadian creators—Casey Palmer, creator of Casey Palmer, Canadian DadSherley Joseph, founder of The Chonilla Network and the Black Canadian Creators Facebook group, and Kaya Marriott, creator of Comfy Girl with Curls—have come together to put together a lengthy list of more than 400 Black Canadian bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers and podcasters to not only showcase the sheer amount of Black talent that we have north of the border, but also dispel the myth that Black Canadian creators are hard to find—we often just don’t look hard enough.

With decades of experience creating content between them, Casey, Sherley and Kaya know that Canada’s still a long way from seeing Black Canadians consistently included in everything from the media we consume to the ads we see in an organic and authentic way, often told that decision makers can’t find creators who are the right fit for the stories that others want to tell. The Black Canadian Creator Directory aims to become a step in the right direction to ending that, searchable by niche, by name and by city for anyone to find local Black creators both easily and efficiently.

The Black Canadian Creator Directory is jointly hosted by Casey, Sherley and Kaya on their respective sites, each focusing on a different aspect of Black Canadian content culture:

  • Casey Palmer @ Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad on the importance of Black creators developing exposure and opportunities for themselves instead of waiting for others to do it for them,
  • Kaya Marriott @ Comfy Girl with Curls on the value of a list like the Black Canadian Creator Directory and how much it can do for the Black community, and
  • Sherley Joseph @ The Chonilla Network on what being a Black Canadian creator has been like without a common infrastructure to tie us all together and how much can change because of this list!

You can contact Casey, Sherley and Kaya at:

About Casey Palmer

Father to twoHusband to one. Second to none.

Casey is a Canadian Dad from Toronto, Ontario who shares his fatherhood journey at Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, one of the few places to find fatherhood content in the Great White North. He shares his story because it’s different. He’s a Black father. He comes from a multiracial family. His family’s an urban family, looking to thrive in the city rather than run out to the suburbs like so many families have before them. This has his content come from a very unique place in Canada’s digital landscape, with Casey continually evolving it to tell the best story possible.

About Sherley Joseph

Sherley Joseph is a co-host of the Sherley and Clove Podcast. Creator of the Black Canadian Creators digital community and the podcast. She is also a co-founder of The Chonilla Network, a podcast collective of thought-provoking and entertaining online audio shows in Canada and the US.

Her goal and mission in all she does, with over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, is to develop a multicultural communal realm and podcast platform through a variety of online social channels, primarily for women and people of colour.

About Kaya Marriott

Kaya Marriott, also known as ComfyGirlCurls, is a Vancouver-based creator with a deep love for storytelling and community.

Starting as a natural hair blogger in 2016, looking to help fellow Black women fall in love with their curls, her platform has expanded to include lifestyle content, beauty tips and advice for her fellow creators. It’s also caught the eye of brands like Google, Pinterest and Aerie, drawn to the passion, earnestness and honesty she has in everything that she does!

SOURCE Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

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