Perspective: The Incel Madness…

Those with Misogynistic type behaviour have turned to the dark ends/corners of the internet to display their hatred and at times bigotry in the case of racism.  It is unfortunate that some of these people with Misogynistic tendances somehow tend to get radicalized as in the case of Alex Manassian a couple days ago, in Toronto, Canada, who is now in jail and is being questioned regarding what he did and yeah, has since been charged for 10 counts of first-degree murder and 14 counts of premeditated murder. He can expect to spend a long time in jail if found guilty  … for a really disgraceful piece of behavior,  I don’t know, but he posted a rant on the internet shortly before he allegedly committed the crimes with the van “warning of a revenge, a form of rebellion.” His post has been interpreted as saying that he “hates women” just before he committed the crimes with the rented van as stated above.


These Incels, as they are referred to, are “rebelling” for what is believed to be “their feeling of  being rejected by women.” They have even coined a term called “involuntary celibate.”  Source Google … just search it will be found on the internet.

“Norms and sexual frustration” is how this deviant type of behaviour which targets predominantly females are being referred to as.  The majority of those ran over allegedly deliberately by that van were females … ranging from 20 to 94 years of age.

Misogyny seems to be a factor?


The Ontario Canada’s Premier Kathleen Wynne said “this is serious, as I see it as a grandmother and parent ….” This is the largest Province in the Canadian Federation.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau “condemned the attack”


In Montreal, Canada there was a mass attack some time ago.  Unfortunately we do not have details at his time but in the Santa Barbara area, down south, USA on May 23, 2014 there was also a massacre that left six (6) dead and fourteen (14) injured by one Elliott Rodgers 22 years old,  seen as an Incel related crime by a self styled hater of women who afterwards killed himself. The dark side of the worldwide net focuses on these persons or their causes. Most unfortunate indeed!

Fighting Back

A White Ribbon group has been formed and is fighting back ….  working to end violence against women.


In this my final perspective on this sordid issue, it is my view that if for whatever reason you have a problem, do seek professional help for the way you perceive that you are being treated. Yes, for goodness sake seek professional help. Do not turn your hate of sad feelings on society and in particular innocent women whom you do not know or have done you no harm.  This is the heights of madness if not stupidity.

Poetic Commentary

Hating women is bad …
Such is so sad …
To hurt the innocent …
Really makes no sense

Seek professional treatment
As to maim, kill is poor judgment
This is not an issue to skirt …
As deviant behaviour does hurt

Find a loving soul-mate …
This will seal you a better fate …
Opt for love and togetherness …
Not deviant habits or craziness


What is your perspective? This is ours.

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, poet, satirist, who has a deep interest in human relationship issues, he is also Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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