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The Scintillating Campbell Sisters Creating Their Legacy

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July 27, 2022 | By Colin O. Jarrett |

In every nook and cranny there are often stories of undiluted resilience and sadly those are the stories that go unrecognized in most cases. However sensationalism has no bearing on the upward mobility on the story of the Campbell sisters which is intriguing and deserves to be highlighted.

Christa Campbell and Solange Campbell have proven that hard work is not a figment of the imagination but if one tries then success is guaranteed.
The sisters who share same father but different mothers have historically performed exceptionally well in their academic life but to come out top students for their schools in the Primary Exit Profile( PEP) was absolutely colossal. Christa Campbell who attends Steer Town Primary School and Solange Campbell who attends Golden Grove All-Age sat their exams in two different places and came out with the same end score. Some strong genetics this must be.

The mothers of the scholars suggest their daughters success is not mere coincidence but a commitment that sometimes found them out of favor with the daughters and even other members within their households .

Christovia Cross, Christa’s mother emphasized that it’s only resilience that will be your vehicle for success in this journey called life and stated that without education you’re twice defeated in the race of life. She also extend heartfelt gratitude to the teacher behind her daughter’s success Mrs. Sherline Williams and the Steer Town Primary and Junior High School family.

Sydian Walters- Simpson, mother of Solange strongly believes that through hard work and dedication comes true success and this is what she instills daily in her daughter’s life. Hats off to the teachers, Principal and the entire staff at the Golden Grove All-Age.

As both mothers bask in the success of their daughters they encourage all parents to play an active role in ensuring that children value and appreciate education as it’s the catalyst to take them out of poverty.

The Campbell sisters will move on to further their studies at St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School and York Castle High School which are among the best in St Ann.

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