August 22, 2022 | By Silbert Barrett |

This sums up our 60 years of progress the production of violence instead of prosperity….politicians feed the licki licki culture 50,000 strong at the national stadium with nothing to show.

Vision 2030 less than 8 years from now is nothing more than a modern plantation economy masked in the promise of first-world status. In Jamaica deprivation carries high social and political values for the poor when politicians sponsor community activities once in a lifetime..but neglected the community’s long-term needs for education, health care, and sustainable infrastructure replacing real needs with the “licki licki” culture as the opium to pacify and feed political “dies heartedness” for generation after generation is the Art of Mental Enslavement.

Mental enslavement is the transitioning from the physical manifestation of slavery a hidden agenda to perpetuate poverty disguised as prosperity engulfed in the psychological trauma of cruelty and violence as a constant throwback to plantation slavery in modern Jamaica Vision 2030 to make girls out of boys and to suppress black men masculinity to show power over other men through sex and violence against men while devaluing and destroying the strongest of our collective strength our women and girls but”woe to the downpressors, they will eat their bread of sad tomorrow.”

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