Jamaica Crowned Safest Destination In the World

January 9, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

In a dramatic revelation and new development, the leading English language newspaper in highly populated India, which also has an online presence has concluded that Jamaica has emerged as the safest destination in the world having looked at at a total of one hundred & sixty (160) countries across the world.

Tier 2

This new designation comes close on the heels of a travel upgrade by the United States’ Centre for Disease Control (CDC).  Jamaica has been upgraded from Tier 3 to Tier 2.  This speaks volumes as to the high quality of Jamaica’s vaccination programme.

PM Holness

The Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Michael Holness must be commended for his leadership along with Health Minister Dr. The Hon.  Christopher Tufton, his team and the Cabinet who have all performed well.   We do urge those who are not vaccinated or reluctant to take up the free offer of vaccines to all who are able to take up same.

Anti Vaxxers

These anti vaxxers are not helping themselves or Jamaica to achieve 65 percent herd immunity nationally by March 2022. From all appearances we seem based on current trend not able to meet this government set target. So far about 30 percent of persons are fully vaccinated in Jamaica. There are ample amounts of vaccines available.  In fact we have had to dump expired vaccine doses due to low take up.

Deaths & Hospitalization

Statistics have shown that those even partially vaccinated, least to mention fully vaccinated are protected and are less likely to get infected … if infected are not hospitalized and seem not to die from the virus.  So taking up the  vaccines work and help to save lives.

Tourism Minister

The tourism Minister Hon Edmund Bartlett has lauded this new designation by the Times of India Group.  This newspaper is the third leading paper in India and is regarded as the leading English language newspaper from India in the world. Jamaica was judged in 9 categories among 160 travel destinations across the world.

Tourism Minister reacted to the Times of India Group travel designation by awarding Jamaica the safest destination in the world based on our vaccination policies. Minister Bartlett said inter alia:

“The resilient corridor has been seen as the reason for the game changer that has made Jamaica very safe. This has resulted in the State Department and CDC placing confidence in Jamaica as a destination as it relates to the vaccine safety to all including visitors”.

So concluded an elated tourism Minister responding to the news by Times of India Group on Jamaica.


We are feeling good to learn that Jamaica has been so recognized for efforts at keeping visitors and local population safe and these efforts have been recognized internationally.  We say congratulations and high marks to the government for the good job so far for their sound vaccine management in Jamaica.

We hope the same efforts will be directed at reducing our crime and corruption levels.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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