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Tory Lanez and Alexx A-Game new track “Double”

With his motto “work harder” the Jamaican recording artist Alexx – A – Game teams up with billboard artist Tory Lanez to send a message of “Double”. Double up and double your grind.
“The inspiration behind the track “Double” came from a thought process I had and a theory I developed from it. For me to be as great as I want to be then I have to put in twice as much work as there are challenges. In other words, the grind must out weigh the struggles for me to surpass them. From there I developed the concept of doubling up on everything positive so I can overwrite the negative” says Alexx – A -Game.
The track, which gives you a ‘neo-pop’ style will definitely appeal to a wide array of music lovers. Both artists compliment each other on the track presenting a song, which will definitely be heard on your airwaves. 

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