Fatima Fete 2018 delivers Supreme Festivity
February 23, 2018
Soca Brainwash Brings T&T Carnival to Boiling Point
February 23, 2018

T&T Carnival Week Chronicles.

POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – In the lead up to the greatest show on Earth i.e. T&T Carnival, our team was fortunate to attend and highlight some of Carnival Week’s key events which attract a perfect mix of local and visiting Soca Junkies.

First on the agenda was Kairi People’s “Different”. This particular event has become a staple in the T&T Carnival calendar and continues to grow in popularity for being the most affordable and value-for-money all-inclusive fete during the season.

This event which takes place 1 week before the island’s official Carnival Sunday offers several multi-ethnic food offerings but places much emphasis on the beloved Trinbagonian cuisine e.g. Roti, Curry, Bake & Shark, Fried Wings, Chinese and Doubles. Different had fully stocked bars as well as a cast of performers which eclipsed the Soca Monarch’s line-up. These included Bunji, Fay-Ann, Blaxx, Teddyson John, Iwer George, 5 Star Akil, Olatunji, Marzville, and a surprise appearance by Sanelle Dempster.

Learn more about Different’s upcoming events at: www.facebook.com/KairiPpl/

Next on the fete schedule was the Tuesday evening favourite “Fall Out”.
This party has been deemed by many as the official meeting place event as many of the foreign-based Carnival enthusiasts link up with their families and friends to jumpstart Carnival week at Fall Out which was held at the picturesque La Soledad Estate.

The spectacular ambiance, food and beverage options at Fall Out were not only on point but gave all patrons a true sense of comfort with secure parking and helpful friendly staff.
‘Music, drinks and great friends’ was the unofficial theme of this party as feters jammed to the pulsating music of top DJs and performances by Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal and Shal Marshall… The Tuesday night mainstay attracted a host of fashionable, friendly faces.

Learn more about Fall Out’s upcoming events at: www.facebook.com/fallouttnt/

Moving on to Carnival Thursday, we attended the highly celebrated “C’est La Vie”.
This all-inclusive affair which is usually held at Bayview, Maracas kept its seaside atmosphere with a move to Pier 1, Chaguaramas. C’est La Vie offered all the favourite fete delicacies but also treated attendees to exotic international dishes such as Shrimp and Seafood Ceviche, Crab Backs, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh, BBQ Ribs and an assortment of Curried, Jerked and Geera meats.

Most notably, as patrons sipped on champagne and other spirits, they were also thoroughly entertained. The fete was the only Carnival Thursday day event to feature full band performances by Kes the Band with appearances by Patrice Roberts and Preedy.


Music, drinks and great friends’ was the unofficial theme of Fall Out 2018.


C’est la vie was the only Carnival Thursday day fete to feature premium food, drinks and full band performances.


Kairi People’s ‘Different’ is known for being the most value-for-money all-inclusive fete during the season.


The ‘Hulk Man’ Blaxx lit up the stage at Different 2018.


Great times at C’est La Vie Carnival Thursday

Learn more about C’est La Vie’s upcoming events at: www.facebook.com/feterepublicevents/

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