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Trinidad PM Dr. Keith Rowley

July 10, 2022 | By Colin O. Jarrett |

The Keith-Rowley-led government was defeated in its attempt to push an extension to the draconian Bail Bill to deny people the right to apply for bail.

The Trinidad and Tobago’s claim that this legislation was a solution to the crime problem fell flat, in light of evidence that there has been no reduction in crime and criminality after 3 years of having the bail bill on the statutes.

The fact that the government was resoundingly defeated in their attempts to pass this bill speaks to the glaring inadequacies of the arguments made by the attorney-general and is concrete proof that the Keith Rowley government has now collapsed.

Since the government’s announcement that it wanted to extend the life of the bail bill, the government has been called upon consistently to produce any empirical evidence.  Therefore, there was never any sufficient basis to interfere with the fundamental rights of citizens.

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