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UN envoy: Haiti is at a critical juncture toward democracy

Sandra Honore UN

The U.N. envoy for Haiti told the Security Council Thursday that the country is at a “critical juncture” in consolidating its democracy and the next few weeks will be decisive.

Sandra Honore expressed concern at the uncertain political situation which puts at risk the roadmap in a Feb. 5 political agreement that includes a postponed runoff election on April 24, with a newly elected president to be installed on May 14.

She singled out delays in confirming the prime minister and in re-establishing the Provisional Electoral Council to oversee elections, coupled with uncertainty over verifying the 2015 electoral process.

Honore expressed fear that “a protracted political crisis may result in diverting the attention of all” from sustaining gains that have been made to stabilize the impoverished Caribbean nation.

She said she has reiterated to all political players in Haiti that “a strong spirit of compromise … and an equally strong commitment to consensus-building will be key for the country to find a way back to full constitutional order.”

Honore and the ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the U.S., the European Union and the representative of the Organization of American States also noted the delays in implementing the Feb. 5 agreement “with grave concern” in a statement on Wednesday.

The so-called “Core Group” strongly urged Parliament “to play its role by voting on the Prime Minister’s government policy without delay in order to facilitate the completion of the electoral process.”

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