Update: Two Police Officers gunned down
December 24, 2015
Vision Newspaper
Police Commissioner meets with the press to comment on latest ploice killings
December 25, 2015

Update: Depty Superintendent Charmaine Shand has named person of interest in the double police shooting …. Marlon Perry o/c duppy film or foreigner

Peter Bunting


This shoot ing took place after 8 PM local time. Cpl. KENNETH DAVIS was 52 and connected to the Protective Services Division and Craig Palmer.

Cpl. Kenneth Davis was assigned to former Prime Minister Edward Phillip George Seaga.

Peter Bunting call on all law abiding citizens to condemn the attack. “My father retired as a very senior police officer. . a fatal shooting occurred there in 2012. The National Security Minister was speaking in a radio interview.

We have lost so far this year (2015) some 8 police officers to date. In 2013 was 3 and 2014 was 2.

“I am at Poorman’s Corner, I am with Cpl Davis’s wife ….this is a serious matter …at a time when the crime figures were looking good …. this is a reprisal killing …. approximately three years ago there has been a threat against the police. …these are known community leaders. There was an incident three years ago. Individuals have come in from outside the area. … I am calling on the Police to level with the people … I have met with the police … there have been issues that need to be dealt with. Approximately three years ago there were issues …. these are excellent police community servants. Wanted men have come in the area. We are calling on National Security Minister to put serious resources in the area to deal with this threat” the MP concluded.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, senior international correspondent, reporting from a very busy news centre which has been humming from 3 AM this morning. Trying to monitor and relay the latest on this tragic police shootings for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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